Confessions of a Lazy Blogger

by admin 27. March 2010 05:33

Author: Laurence Sterne I'm never short of plans for the future of this blog, but a cursory glance at the dates of the last few posts reminds one of "the best laid plans of mice and men"...

Every so often I see other bloggers explaining to their readers how they got waylaid and would be more dutiful in their future blogging efforts. But what gets me is that more often than not they were never committed and more likely underestimated the real time demands of maintaining a blog. My excuse is that I have been taking on extra projects without stopping to ask myself what gives me the most enjoyment. I have to admit that I miss blogging on a regular basis and won't rest easy until I get back into the swing of it.

I'm also having problems with the version of BlogEngine that I'm currently using, in that the invisible CAPTCHA is seriously flawed. Right now I'm being spammed to death and I hate not responding to people who are good enough to contribute in the comments section. My plan has been to upgrade to 1.6 but I've also been pondering the use of a different blog engine.

I've been having an internal argument for the last month on whether to switch my focus to MVC; it wouldn't be suitable for our projects at work and I'm loath to invest more time in it myself right now because I'm finally throwing every spare moment into improving my JavaScript/JQuery skills (or lack of). There's a part of me that just knows that MVC is the proper way to build Web applications. However, right now it is just not practical for me to make the switch. In time, I will definitely move in that direction.

So rather than make a list of what I will do for my new blog design, I'm just going to take the first small step when I finish this post: I will download the latest version of BlogEngine and have it ready to go in the morning! First order of business will be to widen the layout to 960 pixels and decide on how radical a re-design this will actually be overall. Thanks to the 7,378 unique visitors over the last month for your patience and loyalty :-)



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