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by admin 9. February 2009 10:56

I noticed a very interesting article from Jeff Atwood concerning the current state of play with respect to search engines. He makes the point that there really is no competition today when it comes to search engines; Google rules the roost.

Although I feel as Jeff does, that Google has truly earned its position, such a "monopoly" is surely a cause for concern? So, I decided to look a little closer at the statistics for the search engines driving traffic to this blog. Here are the results over a random time period:

VSeWSS 1.3


From the stats, it seems I am getting 32X times the traffic from Google as from the nearest competing search engine. It would seem that I better speak nicely of Google? If this was Microsoft's search engine, the wooly hat brigade would be screaming it from the rafters... hypocrisy is alive and well ;-)



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Michael Murray
Michael Murray United States
2/13/2009 2:15:20 AM #

I love how he stated that Google's search engine has basically become the homepage for the whole internet!

Kind of scary to think that Google could single-handedly run you off the Internet if they wanted to...

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