Microsoft Labs Photosynth

by agrace 27. August 2008 19:35

Isn't it amazing that just when you have yourself convinced how busy you are, you suddenly find yourself with way too much time on your hands? Well, I've been itching to play around with Microsoft Labs Photosynth for some time now, so I decided to give it a bash without leaving the confines of my little home office. I like the effect but I only achieved a ranking of "36% synthy". We'll do it better next time :-)


There's a definite knack to getting this right. On the Photosynth website you will find an instructional video and a PDF, full of tips of what to do to get the best results. It costs nothing and all you have to do is sign up to get a Photosynth ID which basically uses Windows Live ID.

There is a 20GB limit so I was pretty confident of being able to back in and delete and edit to my heart's content. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the means to do this. Hopefully this will be remedied as people will want the opportunity to improve their synths over time.

While you're at it, check out the new Deep Zoom technology which is incorporated into Silverlight. I just gotta try this one out and see what I can come up with :-)

P.S. The really persistent among you may be able to read the code on the monitor screen! If you're going to do this, remember to put post-its everywhere you have something sensivitive written as this is viewable by everyone out there!