Windows Live SkyDrive I just noticed a new link when checking my hotmail this morning, to "Windows SkyDrive". Microsoft are offering 5GB worth of free online storage. It works with Windows or Mac with Firefox or Internet Explorer.

There are personal, shared and world folder options. File transfers are SSL-protected. What I found particularly interesting is that you can use the shared folders to colloborate with colleagues and set permissions for each person on a folder level. Nice angle :-)

I'm getting tired of emailing stuff between work and home. I'm also tired of getting down under my desk fumbling with a flash stick, so I think I'll give this a test drive for a while.

You can learn more here.

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ajay United States
4/24/2008 11:05:53 PM #

i think that skydrive is best for online storage as compare to other services and it also offer a gr8 amount of also for me that is 5 GB
gr8 work dude

Jenny Canada
4/25/2008 9:09:37 AM #

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agrace United States
11/22/2008 10:33:26 PM #

This has just been increased to 25 GB of free storage:

sunny United States
6/3/2009 9:39:22 PM #

Thank you

Communiqué de presse
Communiqué de presse France
2/14/2012 7:59:25 AM #

It seems that your link is dead :/

admin United States
2/17/2012 9:56:25 AM #

Thanks, I have updated the link Smile