New MSDN Code Gallery

by agrace 3. March 2008 13:04

Are you looking for some free code samples? Microsoft recently launched the MSDN Code Gallery. It differs from the CodePlex site in that it is more geared towards developers who are starting out. It is a true community site where you can create your own resources page in the shape of a wiki and share your own code samples with the community. You can keep it in edit mode for 30 days before sharing your code masterpieces with an unsuspecting public ;-)

I had a surf around the new site and came up with a gem of a new tool for Visual Studio 2008. It's called StickyNotes and it is a Visual Studio package that provides sticky notes capabilities to project and project items inside Visual Studio 2008.



This is so much neater than the standard Task List that comes with VS, although I can see myself using both. StickyNotes is ideal for jotting down reminders of things to do at a file level. I usually load my code pages with comments in the early stages of a project and this tool is sure to free up my code files. Thanks to Pablo Galiano for this wonderful new tool :-)


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ajay India
4/21/2008 5:10:27 AM #

this is a good move by microsoft anf by u also by bringing this use ful information to us