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by agrace 28. January 2008 17:06

Domain Name Sale I've been holding on to this domain name for some time. I've never been in the business of buying and selling domain names. However, on a rare quiet day, I would often take a pad of paper and start brainstorming domain names around some theme or other. Open up a Godaddy search and start entering your ideas.

There is probably a whole science around not only the topic of what makes a good domain name, but of the best way to find one. The five/six letter - three vowel rule seems to work pretty well; think Yahoo, Amazon, Google and you get the idea. Short and sweet is good and the process of brainstorming a good name and finding that is is available is often reward enough.

The domain name is and you can judge the price for yourself by looking at what some similar names have been going for: --> $131,000 --> $10,000 --> $5,000 --> $4,000

Now, I know what you're thinking... this guy must be mad! Well, I'm not and the figures speak for themselves... How about for a cool $995,000?

Joking aside, if you are interested in using the domain name then you can snag it at a reasonable price at Make an offer and I might just accept it! Alternatively, if you would like to trade a pre-CBS stratocaster, then just pop me an email :-)


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