RIA Scott Guthrie has just announced that Microsoft is going to include the JQuery JavaScript library as part of Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and the free Visual Web Developer 2008 Express SP1. JQuery is has quickly become the most popular JavaScript library out there, despite the competition and weighs in at only 15KB.

On the face of it, this is an unprecedented move by Microsoft. Nobody would have even dreamed of seeing an open source project being adopted by the Big M... exciting times! They are going to make it an integral part of their own framework and build upon it in the shape of controls for the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit and new Ajax server-side helper methods for ASP.NET MVC.

My achilles heel as a developer has always been my limited knowledge of JavaScript but I recently took steps to immerse myself in it. Having JQuery to build upon is like getting Christmas early and should provide some great fun and excitement over the coming few years as we start to construct richer and more creative Web experiences.

Some JQuery Resources:

    * 10 Smart JavaScript Techniques
    * 10 Useful JQuery Plugins
    * Comparing Popular JavaScript/AJAX Frameworks
    * JQuery Documentation
    * JQuery Selectors Reference Card (PDF)


Microsoft Pro Photo Tools

by agrace 24. September 2008 22:01

Check out the latest version of Pro Photo Tools from Microsoft. It's free to download and play with. It's a set of pretty basic but useful tools enabling you to geotag and geocode your pictures in a very cool way: just drag in your image to the map and the GPS coordinates will be calculated automatically for you. Add a whole slew of other data to your image before saving it back to your folder. The product can also interoperate with Photoshop and has support for 64-bit Windows.

Pro Photos 2


You can use Expression Media 2 to leverage even finer details such as three-dimensional maps to accompany your images. This gives you an amazing range of possibilities when it comes to torturing friends and family with the inevitable annual vacation shots... and don't forget the laser pointer ;-)

Pro Photos 2

This version of Photo Tools still has all the original features (from the official site):

    * Determine location name automatically
    * Determine GPS coordinates from location name
    * Identify location on a map
    * View images on Windows Live Maps
    * Use Microsoft Virtual Earth for a 3D view of the image location.
    * Edit image metadata
    * RAW support

Footer I searched for a long time for a simple CSS solution to the eternal "sticky footer" problem, where the footer goes down to the end of the page. Up to now I have resorted to JavaScript to achieve this, which is not really the most elegant solution. It should be simple, right?

The other day, I stumbled upon what looked like a basic HTML/CSS solution. I wanted CSS that would push the footer to the bottom of the page, irrespective of content height, in an ASP.NET Master Page setup. Thanks to Ryan Fait for this.

It was straightforward enough to get it working for IE7. Firefox 3.0 didn't play nice at first until I moved the wrapper and footer divs out to the master page. Feel free to download the sample below and try it out for yourself - VS 2008 solution. Ignore the red wigglies in the master page. It has been tested in IE7, Firefox 3.0 and Chrome

CSS_Sticky_Footer.zip (19.91 kb)


With master pages you need to take account of the "form" element by  including it in the appropriate CSS selector.

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